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Ray, our head instructor was a student under a master dog trainer Todd Bartlestein (K9 Master). Your family member will be trained in our love and care. We will teach heel, sit, sit stay, down, down stay and come with a flip heel finish. We will teach manners - no jumping, stay off furniture, house breaking, chewing, manners at the door, socializing with other animals and more. Any weakness we find, we will work through it.

We provide three and four week lodge and learn camps. We take them out to public stores and teach manners during car rides. When you pick up your loved one, we will put a show on for you. We will go over the commands and corrections, show you leash handling and explain the correct way it's done and how to read your best friend.

All board and training clients receive three follow up lessons and FREE maintenance classes for life!

        Help save a life.

By working with us, you allow us to unlock endless pawsibilities and save lives. We rescue, foster, rehabilitate, train and find a loving home. We also provide medical assistance and essential needs. We have been committed to giving back.

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Any age, any breed, any issues
3 and 4-week board and train
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Adopting Bobby at 7 months wasn't something we planned. Bobby was afraid, mistrustful and aggressive at first. We are happy we found Ray, because Bobby is now a loving, well-trained and confident dog.

Ale C.


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What We Can Do For You


We train your best friend in both verbal and visual commands. 


The ability to ignore all distractions while focusing on the handler.

Behavior Modification  

Jumping. Leash pulling. Barking. Destructive behaviors. Leash reactivity. Impulse control. Aggression.

Radius Training 

30ft' - 50ft' perimeter control.

Barrier & Boundary Control 

Prevention of running out of homes and vehicles.

Potty on command service animal training.

Potty Training


Your dog can be happy and socialized and still protect you if needed to be.

Security Service

Overnight property patrol/ special events.

We treat your family like our own

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified Trainers

Training method and philosophy

We custom tailor each dog to ones individual needs to reach optimal level of performance to accomplish the goals we set.  We believe every handler and dog   should have confidence in their relationship built on the foundation of trust by understanding the position they play in the pack. We provide 100% balance training program. 

This is the best investment I made so far with my dog, now I can finally take my dog out for walks without the fear of him breaking my back

Hussan K.

We brougt in Lewis for a 2 week board and train when he was 4 months old. Fast forward today at 11 months old, we're beyond grateful of the outcome. Everything is so structured in that it's like clockwork! Ray really did a wonderful job laying down a very solid foundation on obedience and a lot more. We are slowly integrating advance obedience on our mutt its just getting exciting each day. Highly recommended! 5 stars and two thumbs up! 

Richel C.

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RIP K9 Master, Todd Bartlestein


Going on vacation or simply need someone to watch your fur baby for a few hours? We love to help!

Dog walking

We have a wide range of coverage and expanding territory. Rogers Park, Lakeview, Edgewater, Logan Square, Lincolnwood, Evanston and Skokie.

Dog taxi

Need a way to get around town with your dog? We provide pick up and drop off to any location. Ride around in comfort and luxury with our new fleet of vehicles.

Grooming and Wash

Our licensed and certified groomers are ready to pamper your baby.

Chicagoland Dog Training